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The Importance of Sharing Your Gifts

We've all heard the saying that nothing ever really happens until we're able to share the news with someone. Hallmark exists for this very reason. A baby is born and announcements are made - news about promotions and raises are usually only a secret long enough for that first phone call to be made. Good news (and bad news for that matter) travels pretty fast as we can all attest to having made or received one of those phone calls at some point in our lives.

Gifts From Nature: Crystals & Stones

Nature has given us many gifts that help keep the humans and animals of this planet alive and thriving. Think of the basics like water to drink, air to breathe, soil to grow crops, and so on. If we were to look at something as beautiful as Frankincense, the dried sap of trees from certain regions of the world, we could marvel at all the medicinal benefits this oil is being used for not only today but throughout history.

Patience: Learning to Slow Your Roll

If someone would have told me 20 years ago that in 20 years I'd be writing a blog on the benefits of patience, I would have hurried them through to the end of their sentence, rolling my eyes, while impatiently waiting for them to get to the next topic of conversation. When my dad was alive he would tease me that patience was never my strong suite.

Play Your Note

Anyone who knows me knows that I love meditation - all kinds of meditation from silent meditation to guided meditation to breathing meditation to zoning-out-while-doing-the-dishes meditation. Sometimes my meditations are calming and centering and sometimes they are more like a dream with a hidden treasure inside; a visualization with a lesson, so-to-speak.