The Zen Room

Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Boutique, Reiki Energy Work, Intuitive Work and more! Whether you are looking to remove blocks, interested in learning how to relax to experience higher levels of consciousness, or if you're seeking clarity around certain areas of your life, The Zen Room is a still and quiet space where answers can be found.


Unique Treasures

Whether you're looking for a treasure for yourself or a gift for another, shop The Zen Room for inspirational books, essential oils, crystals, jewelry, trinkets and more. For those not local to the Bay Area, you can shop for some Zen Room items online. Most everything you will find in The Zen Room will assist you on your journey to a happier, healthier and more balanced life.


“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.”  ~ Brian Tracy

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy allows direct communication with the subconcious where memories, perceptions and habits are said to be stored. This is where real change begins. Through the process of hypnotherapy, the accumulation of negative thought patterns are replaced with new truths that permit success at the core, the belief system.


Reiki Energy Session: Energy, or Chi, flows in, throughout, and around our bodies and when this energy is not flowing seamlessley we can experience a discord or blocks which may effect our ability to think clearly, experience vitality or enjoy optimum phyisical health.  Reiki sessions work to improve this energetic flow for the purpose of feeling better mentally, physically and spiritually.


Chakra Balancing:  Chakra, literally translated, means wheel or disk and refers to our various energy centers. There are 7 main chakras that align the spinal column from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  Each chakra is said to govern glands, organs, emotions and states of being. Having open and balanced chakras can translate to prana/chi/energy that flows easily creating vitality, health, balance and a sense of well-being.  There are several modalities The Zen Room offers to balance these energy centers.


Guided Imagery:  Guided Imagery uses relaxing techniques that allow you strengthen desired characteristics or outcomes.You are mentally able to rehearse life the way you want it and commit your activity and positive feelings to memory. And because the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined, these guided sessions will influence your reality by altering your expectations.


Intuitive Session:  Intuition exists deep within. It's the information that comes to us in our dreams or hits us like a flash, a sense of "just knowing" or those gut reactions that we refer to as hunches. Tapping into Intuition may reveal some blocks, provide wonderful insight or it may help look at a current problem or situation from a fresh perspective with new or creative ideas for a resolution. An intuitive session can provide huge ah-ha moments as well as liberating breakthroughs. All in all, the sole purpose of an intuitive session is to help my clients heal, understand, release and find peace to be able to continue with their journey of life in harmony.


Meditation Coaching:  For those who are not familiar with how to meditate or have tried it many times with no luck, I'll work with you to teach you the basics of meditation.You'll learn what it feel like to drop down into an Alpha or Theta brainwave state and learn how to access this state-of-mind on your own. You'll learn what it feels like to observe your thoughts and emotions instead of sitting right in the center of them.

Group Classes 

Group sessions not only allow an individual to better afford the experience, it has been theorized that the power of the group helps in amplification.

Email me to set up an appointment.

Events & Online Course


Because The Zen Room is so intimate, events are limited to 8 people.  I encourage you to sign up for the classes, clinics, meditations and events in advance to guarantee you get into the class you are interested in.  Everyone will be supplied with a thick and comfy mat, a pillow, a blanket and an eyepad. I suggest arriving a few minutes early to find parking and sign in. Once the class begins, the doors will be locked so please be there on time or early.



Online Course

Manifesting AbundanceThis online video course is a 3 part series designed to be watched in order. It is my sincerest intention that incorporating everything learned in all 3 modules will propel you into a new paradigm - including how you think about, feel, spend and strategize your finances - allowing you to finally manifest abundance.

Purchase:  If you'd like to purchase the course, you can do so by clicking here.  Enter the promo code Dawn at checkout to receive a 20% off discount. Once you have purchased the course you will be given a login and password to access the course and the online course tab will appear under the Events and Online Course tab.

The Zen Crew

Dawn Culp is a Meditation Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Writer and Owner of the Zen Room.  Using a combination of techniques, Dawn assists her clients who are looking to remove blocks, reduce stress, release energy and/or emotions no longer serving them, seek clarity around certain areas of their lives, manage pain, experience higher levels of consciousness or tap into that intuitive part of themselves as opposed to being beholdent to their inner critic or ego. Dawn assists her clients in finding untapped potential so they can experience a better life for themselves.  

Click here to book an appointment or call or text 408-569-9909.

Mikaila Locsin is a Certified Reiki Practitioner whose passions are centered around stimulating the soul, nourishing the body, and preserving the planet. Through her energy work she assists her clients in discovering relief both physically and emotionally. 

Click here to book an appointment or call or text 408-706-4488.


Tina Deane - Massage Therapist of 16 years, Tina Deane helps her clients get relief from pain. Tina is well known in Los Gatos with an established massage business, Massage Works Los Gatos. She participates in the community and has won awards for best massage and best massage therapist. Two years ago she and her husband moved to Gilroy and she is now making massage that works available to her neighbors in Gilroy at The Zen Room one day per week. Tina specializes in helping her clientele get relief from neck and shoulder pain (tech-neck), sciatica, knee pain, sports related pain and tension, fibromyalgia, arthritis, shoulder pain, tendonitis and many other discomforts. Her clinical yet sensitive approach to massage therapy targets your muscle spasms and trigger points that are the root cause of pain and dysfunction in your body.

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Location:  60 4th St. #103, Gilroy, Ca. 95020

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Ponder this...

There are several tips to bowling a great game that every bowler knows such as the importance of picking the right bowling ball, wearing the right shoes, having a relaxed swing with consistent follow through and perfect body positioning. Sure, there are all kinds little bowling details (and probably some funny superstitions) that avid bowlers will say are must-haves and they probably vary from bowler to bowler. In the end, however, every bowler can agree on one thing - you can't hit a strike from the gutter. If we can look at the game of bowling and use it as a metaphor for life, the pins would represent our goals, hopes and dreams, the ball would represent our momentum towards those goals, hopes and dreams and the lane would be our journey. Simple enough, right? Let's say the 10 bowling pins that are
Any good pastry chef will tell you there are recipes when a cup of sugar is appropriate, recipes where a teaspoon of sugar is called for and other times when a sprinkle of sugar is all you need. In most cases in baking, it would be detrimental to the recipe to interchange a teaspoon for a cup or a sprinkle. Our taste buds already know this but when it comes to expectations we often get this wrong. I was teaching a class one Saturday afternoon and I had a variety of students in my class. I'm going to leave the topic of the class out of the mix because this scenario could apply to any teacher, mentor or coach discussing any topic on any given day. Within my class I had some students who were very familiar with the content I was teaching, others who had never heard any of these concepts, and many folks
Do you remember a time in Kindergarten or early grade school when you were asked by your teacher to draw a picture of your family or paint a picture of your pets? Even if you can't remember actually putting crayon to paper, I'll bet you know a day like that existed while some of you may even have a picture or two from your parents' shoebox-of-art collection to remind you. On the other hand, some of you may have been more moved by science. You may remember spending hours putting together a science experiment for no other reason than you wanted to "see what would happen." I remember all of these scenarios. In those very early years, we drew or painted because it was fun, not because the finished painting needed to sell at an art gallery for a respectable price. We drew because we liked drawing, not